B2B Service Management (digital)

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Presentation Kiefel GmbH & SAE GmbH on 07th October 2020 from 13.45 – 14.20 am:

Efficient planning and digitalization of the groupwide service business

at Kiefel GmbH


  • Konzernübergreifende Lösung für durchgängige Datenflüsse bis zu den Tochtergesellschaften
  • Intuitive Einsatzplanung & offlinefähige Techniker-App (100% SAP integriert und standalone)
  • Exzellenter Service & hohe Kundenzufriedenheit / Kundenbindung

Speaker info:

  • Michael Nachbauer
  • Leiter Zentrale Strategische Projekte


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Strategic realignment of service and after-sales processes

Outstanding customer relationship management in B2B includes excellent service processes. In this area, too, digitalization is creating new opportunities for connected and personalized customer experiences that are based on what Amazon & Co. have set as the standard in B2C. There are many starting points and building blocks for optimized service processes in B2B: Self-service portals, chatbots, predictive analytics, innovative after-sales processes, and spare parts management. By using new technologies, touchpoints can be even better connected and the customer journey can be further optimized. In this way, new business models can be built in service, which provide widespread potential through the use of AI and machine learning.

The Service Management Strategy Summit takes place digitally on the web. Our program also consists of practical presentations, workshops, and discussions online and offers extensive opportunities for exchange and networking. Feel free to contact us about this!


  • Service & Aftersales Management
  • Prozesse & Auto-matisierung
  • Service Katalog
  • Machine Learning & Predictive Maintenance
  • IoT
  • Remote Service
  • Selfservice & -portale
  • Service-Communities & Crowd Services
  • Case Management
  • Systeme & Apps
  • Callcenter & Chatbots
  • Field Service
  • Big Data & CRM
  • Asset Intelligence Network



  • Leiter Servicemanagement
  • Leiter Customer Service
  • Leiter Aftersales