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Field service management with SAE software: Simply closer to the customer

100% SAP®/ ERP integrated solution with an offline app for your service technicians

Plan and manage installations, repair, and maintenance orders perfectly: The sae service solution revolutionizes your service with seamless and simplified processes. For example, you can assign parts to orders, create, plan or reschedule service orders easily with only one click and release them for your service technicians.

No matter if directly integrated into SAP or as a standalone version which is SAP consistent – the SAE planning cockpit convinces with enormous usability, comprehensive overview, and intuitive handling via drag & drop.

With the sae capacity and planning cockpit, you can gain a quick, comprehensive overview of relevant service activities and technician workplaces. Record, manage and display all service appointments simple and quick, and be closer to the needs and requirements of your customers than ever before. Closer to the customer – closer to revenue!

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SAP/ERP integrated planning cockpit for service orders

SAE service software for your service management

The sae service solution can be directly integrated into SAP and as a result, all service activities will be automatically transmitted and booked in SAP SC.

Enjoy a continuously connected system landscape: Generate a service order and an order confirmation, consider and include all completed activities feedbacked by the service technicians, and finally issue the invoice in SAP.

Mobile, offline capable technician software

Transform your service department into a key player in revenue growth

It works: if service orders are captured and released quickly, if the service is mobile and fast, customer satisfaction increases and so does your revenue. Empower your service technicians on the road with an always up-to-date overview of all service orders and assignments that are allocated to them – with the mobile & offline-capable app for your service technicians on the go.

Mobile software für service technician

Highlights of the mobile, offline capable app for technicians

  • generate paperless service orders with one click
  • automated workflows for invoicing and rework orders
  • automated transmission of working time to HR
  • direct communication with SAP CS
  • reduced number of process steps and faster invoicing
  • generate service data from SD items, production orders e.g.
  • block feedback and rapid entry for an easy, intuitive way of working
  • record machine data
  • equipment history – all previous activities available everytime
  • initiate relevant follow-up activities
  • automated buffering of all data and bookings in the offline version
  • Book consumed parts and components
  • Service report generation directly at customer site including signature


With sae navigation+, SAE provides an innovative route planner. You can plan your routes considering any service-relevant incident, for example, service orders, service announcements, or qualifications of your technicians. As a result, the user will have an individualized route.
Advantages of sae navigation+ are numerous: A highly optimized route planning for your service department which additionally detects potential new customer areas and supports you perfectly to provide an excellent service to your existing customers.

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Route planner for service orders