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Become a service champion! With the SAE Service solution

One thing is for sure: Your service department can significantly boost your revenue growth. But who would dare to claim that your Service field can become a high-revenue segment? We at SAE! Let´s go – join us and take off! Let´s go – join us and take off!

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Mobile app for service technicians

Best service: Convincing customers & living digitalization

Provide superior customer service anytime & anywhere That is our promise to you when you choose our SAE service solution. With the SAE service application, service employees can respond to customer requests quickly and regardless of the location: In the SAP® environment as well as a standalone application.

Satisfy your customers with efficient service management and thereby boost your strong reputation Once automatically generated, all data related to a service order will be automatically transmitted to your service technicians in their offline mobile application. The result is a consistent workflow with an automated system feedback function.

Personal interactions, efficient and effective troubleshooting, and fast response times create powerful competitive advantages and convince your customers sustainably.

Manage installations, maintenance, and repair orders perfectly, create complete service reports including signatures at the press of a button. Reduce the process steps while transferring all relevant data (e.g. activity types, performed services, consumed parts, follow-up activities) back to your central planning department or directly to your SAP/ERP with just one click.

Consequently, SAE service significantly speeds up your billing and ensures that all activities and components are being charged.

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Planning cockpit of the SAE service software

Service industry 4.0

SAE service – Our highlights for your success:

  • central planning cockpit for internal service – in ERP/SAP or standalone
  • 100% SAP consistency available – create service data out of SAP SD items and production orders etc.
  • mobile, offline capable app for technicians in the field
  • Automated creation of service reports (including signature from customer and technician, consumed parts, performed services and time sheets)
  • block feedback and rapid entry for an easy, intuitive way of working
  • automated workflows for invoicing and rework orders
  • automated transmission of working time to HR
  • reduced number of process steps and faster invoicing
  • smart digitalization: Service department will become a high-revenue segment

And in such a way, the circle closes: With SAE mobile service, you not only can transfer feedback, service reports, order information, activities, and descriptions, but also material data, checklists, and service reports back to the capacity planning in your internal service department.

Servicing and maintenance software

Modular, flexible & well-established

Our service applications’ structure and range of functionality are based on decades of experience and customer feedback. Thanks to the modular structure and the flexibility of the SAE service solution we can perfectly adapt to the individual needs and requirements of our customers and when required, expand the project during several extension levels.

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Fully integrated in SAP/ERP or standalone

Our Service solution was being designed for all companies: Customers’ requirements naturally decide when and where and how to use our applications. Whether it is an independent system for small companies with no connection to ERP or a fully integrated cockpit system (e.g. in SAP) with a consistent connection to and global integration of several subsidiaries using different ERP systems – the sky is the limit! But don’t worry: The consistency with the offline-capable technician app is of course included in any case.