Smart Variant CON 2019 – Managing variety and reducing complexity

Smart Variant CON 2019 – The largest event for variant and complexity managers in D/A/CH

The Smart Variant CON 2019 – Complexity in the manufacturing sector:
The largest German-speaking industry event on product variance and complexity management goes into the 7th round!

Meet over 200 complexity, product, and R&D managers from the D/A/CH region. Discuss managing variance, viable methods for costing and reducing complexity, and solutions for efficient configuration.

The Smart Variant CON is the largest annual meeting of the German-speaking community in variant management.

Smart Variant Con 2017

Core topics at the Smart Variant CON

  • Establishment of an integrated variant management concept: linking configuration management, product data management, common parts management, and product lifecycle management
  • How can complexity costs be estimated as accurately and effectively as possible?
  • How can internal and external complexity drivers influence complexity costs?
  • How can the consequences of new product variants be estimated or calculated?
  • Model-based estimation of complexity costs and efficient handling of variant diversity
  • Cost transparency and analysis of optimization potential as the basis for holistic complexity management
  • How can variant diversity and product complexity be mastered along the value chain?
  • How companies can successfully master the pressure to innovate due to changing markets and new developments
  • Reduce development, logistics, and production costs without overly restricting variant diversity and customized products
  • How can a functioning balance between product diversity and manufacturability be achieved?

Further key topics at the Smart Variant CON

  • Why classic approaches to strategy development in variant management are no longer effective and how companies can find new, effective approaches
  • The challenge of variance and lifecycle: What kind of rethinking is required in the business units, in IT, and in management?
  • Essential criteria and strategic approaches of innovative solutions: where are the challenges and how can they be overcome?
  • Variability as a complexity driver in networked product and system development and manufacturing
  • What drives complexity and how can complexity be quantified?
  • How can needs-based customer understanding through rigorous analysis help better understand variant drivers in the portfolio?
  • Effectiveness margins for modularization concepts and platform solutions between standard product and customized product
  • How and with which tools and methods can variance be reliably calculated and planned? (Configurators, PDM- and PLM Systems, Knowledge Management Tools, Roadmapping, etc)
  • How can variant management be effectively automated?
  • How to develop suitable processes and interfaces between the involved areas of development, production, sales, product management

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