Solution Study: Ready to quote – The digital sales of the future

Speaker: Johannes Vollprecht, Business Process Manager at TRUMPF

Presentation on Monday, 21st June 2021 from 10.00 – 10.30 am

  • More leads & happy customers – directly through the website
  • Correct quotations, as fast & simple as never before
  • Ahead of the competition & configure interactively in 3D
Smart Variant CON

Smart Variant CON 2021 – The event for variant and complexity management

The Smart Variant CON 2021 – Complexity in the manufacturing industry: The largest German-speaking conference dealing with product variance and complexity management goes into the 8th round! Meet over 200 complexity, product, and R&D managers from the D/A/CH region. Discuss managing variance, viable methods for costing and reducing complexity, and solutions for efficient configuration. The Smart Variant CON is the largest annual meeting of the German-speaking community in variant management.

Successfully mastering product and process complexity

Customers are price-sensitive and expect more features. In combination with growing competition, the pressure to innovate is increasing. This makes new technologies that enable variable products in small batch sizes and solutions that reveal potential savings all the more important. If production and development are carried out in a network, process and manufacturing complexity must be reduced and problems must be avoided in advance. Variant and complexity management is a Herkules task. Take advantage of the exchange at the Smart Variant CON and master your challenges with confidence.

How and with which solutions to calculate and plan variance?

The challenges are comprehensive, and their solution is often crucial for companies. Where do costly and economically unviable variants arise? How is a functioning balance between product variety and manufacturability achieved? And how can the consequences of new product variants be estimated or calculated? You will find answers and impulses for your company and your project at Smart Variant CON. Guaranteed!

Individual customer requirements vs. profitable variability

The customer’s wish has the highest priority. This results in a paradoxical situation: the product must meet customer expectations and still be developed and produced profitably – a balancing act. Especially where high investments, design effort, distributed development, or large vertical integration are involved. How do hidden champions master this balancing act?

You can access the organizer’s agenda here.

Here you get an overview of the Smart Variant Con events of the last 3 years: