Variant management | A strategic decision

In the day-to-day business of manufacturing companies, classic variant management still takes place mainly in the heads of long-term employees. Quite often, the good old Excel lists are the only tool for storing and managing valuable product, variant and relationship knowledge – including the risk of inconsistencies and redundancies. Increasingly demanding customer and market expectations quickly stretch such a system to its limitations: The know-how is not scalable, can only be transferred with great effort, and escapes access if experienced knowledge holders are not available.

The strategic deficit threatens the success of the business in several ways. On the one hand, it will hardly be possible to capture the full yield from the company’s wealth of knowledge on this basis. On the other hand, there is a risk of losing employees and customers from generations X and Y. Digital natives are not only used to dealing with data and information, they actually expect it.

SAE helps you successfully achieve digital variant management

To prevent this from even happening, SAE supports you with a holistic variant management solution to transfer existing data into a powerful classification system and to fully exploit its potential.

During the transformation process, an experienced SAE project team is always at your side to provide reliable support with

• personal support during and after system implementation,
• many years of expertise in variant management & product standardization
• CTO (configure to order) & ETO (engineer to order) strategies
• comprehensive training of up-coming users and
• in system customization to fit your business processes.

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