VHS Event – Business Topic day 2019: Augmented & Virtual Reality in Esslingen

Virtual becomes real: Value creation processes, application examples, business models

The merging of the virtual with the real world and the enhancement of real environments with digitally visualized content are producing promising application and deployment scenarios. VR and AR technologies have reached a level of maturity that allows them to be widely used in “business to consumer” and “business to business” environments: virtual becomes real.

Modern visualization technologies promise efficiency increases from product development to production and many variants in customer communication: the potential of immersive experiences of virtual reality shows from virtual showrooms and individualized product configurations to novel simulations for training purposes.

A consistent focus on practical solutions for companies, a broad spectrum with application examples, innovations, and visions from players from science and business for specialists and managers from technical and business disciplines. Design your individual conference program from almost 40 lectures with many impulses and let yourself be inspired by the interactive experiences of the accompanying exhibition.

– Plenum “Augmented & Virtual Reality”

– Presentation series “Production – Product Development – Engineering – Design”

– Presentation series “Service – Maintenance – Logistics – Assistance Systems”

– Presentation series “Marketing – Sales – Configuration – Showroom”

– Presentation Series “Training – Education – Immersive Learning”