SAE_Variantenvielfalt zähmen & Vertriebserfolg boosten

Tame your
variant diversity.

Boost your
sales success.

  • Gain full transparency on your product variety

  • Master your sales with ease
  • Simplify your processes

  • Digitalize your know-how

With the SAE variant management and CPQ platform, our customers organize their variant diversity, configure their products, automatically determine prices and generate attractive quotations at the push of a button.

This is how SAE software also simplifies your daily tasks

Stop using Excel lists, various programs and running internal coordination loops. With SAE CPQ you quote your products easily and quickly and you can fully focus on your customers.

  • Lightning fast & cost saving quote generation

  • Correct, technically verified quotations at the push of a button

  • More time for leads and customers

  • Intuitive guided selling for easy & flawless selling

  • Supportive workflows & approval processes for fast quote cycle times

Tame your variants and manage your product variety intuitively and completely without code. The SAE variant management and CPQ platform is the tool for successful product managers.

  • Easily secure & digitalize complex product knowledge

  • One platform that consolidates the entire product knowledge

  • Consider country- and industry-specific market trends

  • Data analysis based on real-time/productive time

  • Showcase products simply & convincingly

You are a product expert and know what is technically possible and what is not. With the SAE variant management and CPQ platform your product know-how arrives 1:1 in sales. Ensure that only buildable or technically proven products are quoted & sold.

  • Automated technical and sales order BOMs

  • Consistency into the ERP & CAD system

  • Sustainable data usage – no additional to-dos

  • Intuitive tool for a fast & easy handling

  • Advanced technology & interface

In IT you are responsible for many different applications and users and strive for an absolutely reliable, secure and innovative system landscape. The SAE CPQ platform combines all these demands and guarantees 100% consistency, compatibility with existing systems, data security and user satisfaction:

  • Web application with offline client

  • Centralized version distribution

  • Standard APIs for all common applications (ERP, PLM, CRM, PIM, CAD, E-CAD, …)

  • Single sign-on

  • PEN test certified software

The key to your success

SAE CPQ Software

The modular built SAE variant management and CPQ platform


Configure and sell your products easily with the SAE Sales module

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SAE variant ­management

Keep a full overview of your variants anytime with the SAE Developer module

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What defines SAE and SAE Software


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We are independent and owner managed since 1998


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Bidirectional APIs: ERP, PLM, CRM, PIM, CAD & E-CAD, ...

Tailored to your specific needs – powerful SAE software add-ons

SAE Interactive 3D

Configure your products interactively in the digital twin

SAE CAD automation

Generate CAD models automatically

SAE workflow

Define process steps & releases yourself

SAE product finder

Recommend your customers the matching products

SAE analyzer

Keep the overview and analyze tops & flops

SAE offline client

Stay independent from web & maximally flexible

SAE AI Sales Advisor

Enhance your performance with the chatbot SAElly©

And for a perfect fit into your IT system landscape

SAE standard interfaces for all common ERP, PLM, CRM, PIM, CAD & E-CAD systems

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