SAE Variantenmanagement Plattform

Variant management software organizes variants & reduces complexity

Market success with reasonable product diversity and manageable complexity

Suppliers try to meet the individual requirements of customers with endless variants of products and services. However, the wide range of variants increases the complexity of administrative, engineering, production and sales processes. A heavy load on company resources is the result. Efficient variant management provides the optimal balance between differentiation and standardization to achieve a balance between market and business requirements. SAE’s variant management software ensures the successful management of variant diversity and the reduction of complexity. The result: 100 % overview for more efficiency, productivity and customer proximity.

Simply master diversity with SAE variant management software

Master variety with the SAE variant management platform. You have full control over all details of your product strategy, reduce administrative effort and decide for yourself how you want to integrate the system into your IT landscape and business processes.

SAE variant management software is a solution that can work both completely stand-alone

as well as

integrated into the existing system landscape. It has standard interfaces for the consistent transfer of relevant data (materials, configurations, prices, customers, customizing) from a wide range of applications and systems, such as ERP (e.g. ProAlpha, SAP R/3 & S/4HANA), PLM (e.g. SIEMENS Teamcenter), PIM, CAD, CRM etc.

The implementation of SAE variant management software offers you an additional major advantage: During the course of the system introduction/conversion, your employees and colleagues from product development, product management, sales and marketing prepare the data and thus create a new, organized basis for efficient variant management.

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Complexity management: Focus on the reasonably feasible

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To manage complexity, variant management analyzes the area of conflict between market expectations, product range and profitability in a specific company context.

  • What are the market trends?

  • How do products and product variants succeed in local, national and international markets?

  • Which products and product variants sell profitable?

  • Which products and services are not profitable?

Variant management provides answers to these questions and thus enables, on the one hand, the optimization of the status quo in the areas of procurement, production and sales. On the other hand, the results provide a reliable basis for future-oriented product planning and market positioning.

The benchmark for current and forward-looking developments is always the reasonably realizable and not the arbitrarily feasible.

Product and process efficiency with the SAE variant management platform

Since product design and variation strategies have a crucial impact on your company’s market success now and in the future, a timely and comprehensive digitalization of variant management is a key factor. SAE software for variant management provides you with a consistent platform that optimally supports you in the consistent management of products, product variants and variant combinations.

The holistic solution

  • increases your responsiveness to constantly growing customer demands

  • strengthens your resilience to rapid market changes

  • supports the predictive planning and development of your product portfolio

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The SAE variant management platform integrates seamlessly into your system landscape. The software allows a consistent import of your existing data (ERP, PLM, CAD, PIM, etc.). This allows you to consolidate product knowledge and any existing configuration knowledge into a single point of truth without redundancy and to provide this knowledge in consistent processes, starting with product development and manufacturing and continuing all the way to sales.

With the software from SAE you can

  • easily identify tops and flops in your product portfolio

  • conveniently analyze, remove, or reorganize inefficient product variants

  • intuitively maintain relationship knowledge and compatibility data

  • file different price categories and currencies

  • manage country-specific product variants and prices

  • accompany the entire product life cycle

Master complexity: Quick, easy, structured

With the SAE variant management platform, you also form the basis for the SAE CPQ software in your company, including the SAE 3D product configurator.

As a result, you create an integrative solution that optimally supports not only your internal employees, but also your global sales teams. Quoting and selling complex products has never been easier. Embedded in the website as a product finder, prospects and customers can obtain targeted information about your products autonomously and initiate a request for quotation. Excite your prospects and customers with an end-to-end digital and convincing customer journey.

Variant management | A strategic decision

In the day-to-day business of manufacturing companies, classic variant management still takes place mainly in the heads of long-term employees. Quite often, the good old Excel lists are the only tool for storing and managing valuable product, variant and relationship knowledge – including the risk of inconsistencies and redundancies. Increasingly demanding customer and market expectations…

Happy SAE customers