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SAE platform interfaces for maximum compatibility

SAE Plattform Schnittstellen

The longterm success of companies and digital transformation depends not only on the performance of individual applications, but also on the consistency of the IT system landscape.

Data should be usable in a sustainable and consistent way. That’s why we at SAE put the greatest focus on ensuring that the SAE variant management & CPQ platform integrates perfectly with our customers’ system architecture. The platform connects applications and enables bidirectional data exchange by default with just a few customizing settings.

After all, a smooth and consistent system landscape is the key to success.

SAE platform standard interfaces:


  • SAP R/3 & S/4HANA
  • proALPHA
  • PSIpenta
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • AvERP
  • Standard API for other ERP systems


  • Salesforce
  • SAP C4C
  • MS Dynamics CRM
  • SugarCRM
  • Standard API for other CRM systems


  • Siemens Teamcenter
  • Standard API for other PLM systems


  • Viamedici
  • Standard API for other PIM systems


  • EPLAN | EPLAN Engineering Configuration
  • Siemens | NX & Solid Edge
  • Dessault | Solidworks & Catia
  • Autodesk | Inventor & AutoCAD
  • PTC | Creo
  • Standard API for other CAD systems

SAP® & SAE – for consistent processes

SAP Silver Partner Logo

SAE is a long-term SAP Silver Partner.

All SAE applications are 100% compatible with the SAP product portfolio – and work consistently with SAP R/3® and SAP S/4HANA®. The SAE platform can be connected to multiple SAP systems, if applicable.

SAP Interface: The smart SAE CPQ IC

The SAE CPQ IC (Interface Cockpit) manages the communication and data exchange with SAP bidirectionally and 100% consistently via RFC (Remote Function Call). If applicable, this includes PI/PO integration. Thus, the SAE solution provides maximum flexibility when interacting with SAP®.

The SAE CPQ IC consists of three modules, the “RFC Transfer”, the “Customizer”, which coordinates the data interface between SAP and SAE CPQ, and the “Analyzer”, which controls the function for monitoring and controlling the SAP document generation:

  • “RFC Transfer”: RFC based program logic of the interface to exchange the data between SAE CPQ and SAP. SAP PI/PO or other ESB logics/systems can be integrated for web capability.

  • “Customizer”: A clear cockpit for customizing the relevant organizational, master and transaction data in terms of data exchange (right down to product or configuration level)

  • “Analyzer”: monitoring of document transfer including detailed protocolling

Tailored to any situation – adoption of the product configuration from SAP or building the product configuration and set of rules from scratch in the SAE platform:

You have already generated variant / product configurations in SAP (LO-VC/AVC)?

Transfer your existing SAP variant configurations including the complete set of rules and master data 1:1 to the SAE platform and use them in your sales worldwide. Add sales-relevant data (images, videos, texts, 3D models, etc.) via drag & drop as well as country-specific set of rules via no-code functionality and share this enhanced product data with your global sales teams at a mouse click.

You run SAP but have not created any product/variant configurations and are looking for a CPQ solution that interacts perfectly with your SAP system?

Create new variant configurations and set of rules easily, intuitively and graphically in the SAE platform.

Decide for yourself whether the set of rules defined in the SAE platform should be transferred to SAP or whether you only want to transfer the configuration results (configuration values, (customer order)-BOMs, work plans, prices, positions, texts) that are relevant for an SAP quotation or order.

SAP interface – data transfer in detail:


You decide what you would like to transfer to your CPQ process:

  • Already existing variant configurations from your SAP LO-VC or AVC

  • All relevant master data (configurations, bills of material, materials, prices, conditions, texts, customer master data, and much more) from your SAP S/4HANA or SAP R/3

  • Customizing data from your SAP system


You decide what gets transferred from CPQ to SAP or what is created automatically in SAP:

  • Transfer of technically verified quotations to SAP with just one click, either as SAP quotations or orders. The transmitted quotations include prices, texts, BOMs as well as configuration values.

  • Status & schedules, thus achieving cross-system and bi-directional processes

  • PS-project structures including network plans

  • PP-order specific bills of materials and work plans

The complete transfer logic is adjustable via customizing and thus ensures full transparency of the connection.

Achieve a consistent and sustainably successful system landscape with the SAE platform and its established system interfaces, and gain competitive advantages through lightning-fast, correct, and customer-specific quotation generation, production planning, and order processing.

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