12th German Mechanical Engineering Summit

Producing future

At the center of development – The variety of topics seems never been wider. The fields of action for politics, business and society are increasingly merging – the joint shaping of change and transformation is the central paradigm of our time.

Mechanical and plant engineering has a key role to play here; it is at the heart of development. It is the backbone of German industry and an enabler of key opportunities and challenges for today and tomorrow: the transformation of mobility, climate-neutral production and energy efficiency, high-tech technology in medicine, and new possibilities in biointelligence and quantum technology – the list is sheer endless.

Future sustainability is therefore in demand, and this requires technological diversity and a clear voice in the dialog with politicians and stakeholders. And it needs joint action and networking – all this is provided by the VDMA as the largest industrial network in Europe.

Be there at 26th and 27th October when the partners Fachzeitung PRODUKTION and VDMA host the German Mechanical Engineering Summit as a top format for industry dialog, knowledge transfer and the look ahead.

The link to register for the event as well as the agenda of the event can be accessed here.