SAE 3D VR Configure Price Quote – IFOY Award 2019 Nominee


Special of the Year


The world´s innovation SAE 3D VR CPQ (Configure Pricing Quote) is a software for the configuration of all possible intralogistics systems and products in 3D, for price determination, and for the preparation of quotations. The target group is logistics managers as well as the sales departments of intralogistics providers. The target group is logistics managers as well as the sales department of intralogistics providers.

With SAE 3D VR CPQ, companies can empower their worldwide sales force and thus ensure error-free incoming orders for their plants and smooth production – they also convince and inspire your customers and prospective customers. The visual configuration process creates the identification of the customer with his individual product already in the quotation phase. In addition, the direct conversion of the configuration into a high-quality offer that has been checked for buildability enormously shortens the final decision-making process.


Suppliers of highly complex intralogistics solutions can quickly and easily plan, visualize, simulate and offer a logistics center “on the green field”, for example. Product managers, on the other hand, can conduct high-quality sales training for their complex intralogistics products in 3D. Marketing can make this tool available to their end-users.

Goal: Achieve enormous cost savings and excellent efficiency in the consulting and quotation process for intralogistics products and manufacturer-independent intralogistics solutions with SAE 3D VR CPQ. The digital database of a configured intralogistics solution contains the relevant configuration and order data for all manufacturers and suppliers involved.
SAE 3D VR CPQ provides the sales department with the specialist know-how of product management, technical sales, marketing and, design, combined in ONE application. Cost-intensive and time-consuming queries to the parent plant are reduced to a minimum.

Quotation versions can be created quickly main factory and with high quality. The quotation process remains in the flow. The sales staff can concentrate on consulting, as the necessary product information and the technical check for buildability are provided by the SAE 3D VR CPQ application. Through the visual configuration of products, changes are immediately visible with simultaneous price determination.
The planned intralogistics solution as a fully functional, visual real-time model represents real added value for the interested party or customer and creates identification with its solution already in the quotation process. Customers, investors, and authorities of the intralogistics project can virtually visit the hall including all products, test functions, and get enthusiastic about the product already in the planning phase. The software’s 3D visualization makes it user-friendly and ensures that all configurations in the production plants are actually technically feasible.

Forklift configuration in 3D with SAE CPQ
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3D configuration of intralogistics system

The SAE 3D VR CPQ application is available online, offline, and as a cloud solution.


Planning: For example, a logistics center is to be planned including all dimensions, shelving & conveyor technology, floor conveyors & narrow-aisle vehicles, AGVs as well as the complete automation technology for 50 million euros. SAE 3D VR CPQ combines all products from the world of intralogistics. This is an absolute world novelty.

Visualization: The real-time visualization for the decision-makers on-site functions according to the “What you see is what you get” principle. Decision-makers can already go through their warehouse during the planning phase using VR glasses and see all configured shelves and vehicles there.

Simulate: The real-time simulation already shows all processes from goods receipt to goods issue in the quotation phase.

Quote / Sell: Sales employees convince with highly professional quotes for the most complex products.


World novelty: The interactive 3D VR CPQ application is a completely standardized application. All relevant settings (e.g. degrees of freedom) are carried out by the specialist department. Commissioning does not require any IT support or programming services. The standard application generates virtual reality including the digital twins at the push of a button.
The visual configurations are based on master data (to be imported via Excel lists or from ERP systems) and sales-relevant CAD data of the respective product manufacturers. The result is an interactive 3D VR configurator based on the stored set of rules. All characteristics and possibilities that are permitted by the technical object dependencies can be interactively defined in the digital twin. The SAE 3D VR CPQ application makes it possible to display all intralogistics products in 3D using virtual reality technology and to configure them individually for each customer. Via the standard interfaces to e.g. SAP, all relevant data (configuration, prices, texts) are returned to the order centers of the production plants by the sales employee with a click, and production can start immediately.

Highlights at a glance:

  • Proven technical feasibility
  • all USPs, data sheets, pictures, videos, prices, etc. in one tool
  • VR environment with digital twin during the consulting and configuration process
  • Movement and function simulation
  • Creation of a digital 3D layout plan during the consulting process
  • Quick and easy versioning of the quote
  • Interactive configuration by customers or sales representatives

Market relevance

The interactive SAE 3D Configure Pricing Quote software is a profitable and trend-setting sales support for manufacturers and suppliers of products and solutions with many variants.
The intralogistics industry has both sophisticated individual products with high variance and complex trades in particular when a comprehensive intralogistics solution is planned.
The worldwide market development of many companies requires integrated intralogistics solutions. With the SAE software, individual components, as well as the overall solution, can be offered efficiently and attractively in an interactive 3D virtual reality. Plans and quotations for products and solutions are created in real-time. With this system, SAE supports the successful development from intralogistics manufacturer to intralogistics solution provider and creates enormous competitive advantages.

SAE 3D VR CPQ, used in the new sales channel “Product Placement for Customer”, enables companies to configure products and solutions for their customers on their homepage (e-commerce) via the digital twin. The interactive operation with visual support directly creates a high level of customer identification with the product.

The SAE 3D VR CPQ application will become the CPQ system of the future in the area of consulting intensive products with high variance and complexity. Successful reference projects of the SAE 3D VR CPQ System are already available from the machine and plant construction, energy sector, and custom-made variant industries.

Main customer benefits

Excellent quotation efficiency and quality

  • Create interactive 3D offers quickly and with high quality
  • Support internal sales and design departments in the consulting and configuration phase (no queries)

Serve new business fields

  • Development from product manufacturer to solution provider
  • Service department uses digital twins
  • E-Commerce 24/7 sales
  • Product placement for customer

Increased order income

  • Sales competence has a positive effect on corporate image
  • Investment security through interactive 3D VR visualization
  • Fast preparation of quote versions leads to a competitive advantage
  • High data quality for the subsequent processes at the manufacturer or complete order data for sub-supplier
  • Technically proven order data (configuration basis e.g. ERP/SAP and CAD data)
  • All relevant data for bill of material resolution, material planning, production planning, etc.
  • Precise onward commissioning of subcontractors of intralogistics products and creating hall layouts
  • Interactive 3D database is available for further digitization processes e.g. training, service, and maintenance

Interactive 3D configuration – Project realization in a few months

  • SAE 3D VR CPQ software is a customizable standard software
  • All functions are based on stored variant rules e.g. SAP VC /AVC in the environment of ECC 6.0 or S/4Hana and the CAD data available in the company